Responsive Web Design

One Website, Multiple Screen Sizes

Responsive web design is a new approach to website design and development. In short, your website is designed and programmed to be fully functional and usable on various screen sizes and devices.

Responsive web design has really gained momentum in the past year or so, due to the increasing use of tablets and better smartphones. Responsive website design is now my standard approach to web design for all new web design projects and website redesigns.

Responsive Websites

I have always been ahead of the curve regarding responsive website designs, offering such options as redesign your website to be responsive, or in many cases, converting your existing website into a responsive website.

Design Benefits

Website administrators and end users benefit from responsive web design:

Same content – you only have to update content and images in one place.

Better SEO – Google prefers to index one website, and can detect whether a site has a mobile version. As a result, website rankings will benefit from the same URLs and page content.

Happy website visitors – your users will have a more consistent experience visiting your website on all devices and screen sizes.

Technically Speaking

Most folks could care less about how it works, but just in case, here’s the nuts and bolts:

Responsive web design relies on CSS and javascript using “media queries.”

In other words, the website is configured to display different formatting of the same content at specific screen sizes that affect all elements on the page. Even images and logos can be re-rendered to the optimal dimension and compression to reduce load times.

Is Responsive Design Right For Your Website Design?

In most cases regarding content marketing and web strategy, it makes sense to design a responsive website. I can design and develop your website to be responsive.

It has been my experience in the past year or so that responsive web design is the number one most sought after feature when clients call about designing or redesigning their websites.