Content Management Systems

Planning a website to be both functional and fully administered by our clients seems complicated, but it’s actually what I specialize in. so designing and developing websites on a CMS platform is something I take for granted.

My websites start from an internally-developed codebase to reduce development time, project costs, and ensure QA standards. As I collaborate with client goals and their goals, the I specifically plan the website architecture and CMS configuration to be functional within the content management platform.

I build websites and the CMS to make it easy for clients to maintain all the content themselves so they don’t need to waste time or money to make simple updates to their site.


Integration – Empowered Connections

Over the years, I have integrated websites with a variety of outside systems. From simple to complicated, most add great value and potential to the website. Many content management systems have plugins or modules ready to connect with various web-based services using APIs.

Website design integration is complicated and powerful. I can plan and execute automated functionality by connecting to fulfillment centers for orders, ERPs for product inventory and customer accounts, and POSs for accounting.